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Lucia’s self-service marketplace links businesses with vetted, skilled, and verified contractors proficient in remote administrative, strategic, creative, and customer support services.
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Unleash Exceptional Talent

Fill skill gaps, elevate services, and propel your business with outstanding professionals delivering superior results.

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From recruitment to payment, Lucia simplifies talent management, saving time and ensuring seamless operations.

Continuous Assistance

Our Lucia team is always on standby to assist with requests or clarifications.
Trusted by 300+ business owners and operators worldwide to support, grow, and fortify their teams.
“Companies who leverage others’ unique abilities for support will have exponential success and Lucia has added an innovative way to tap into that potential.”
Matthew Upchurch
CEO & Founder of Virtuoso

Slash Hiring Costs

Bid farewell to the exhaustive talent search process. Our streamlined approach saves you thousands of dollars and hours. Schedule a consultation today and let our platform handle the rest.

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